Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 10 Reasons People Get Divorced

Why do couples end up speaking with a divorce attorney? Salem, MA law firm MacLachlan & Allen LLP offers the top 10 reasons that lead couples to divorce:

1. Trust issues: All relationships are built on trust, and marriage is no exception.

2. Finances: Most couples argue over money, but it is how they handle these disputes that may test their union.

3. Infidelity: Few wounds cut as deep or leave such lasting scars.

4. Lack of communication: When spouses will not or cannot talk to each other, they often end up talking to a divorce attorney.

5. Jealousy: Whether of the financial or romantic variety, the green-eyed monster has ruined many a marriage.

6. Abuse: Illegal and unacceptable by any standard, physical and verbal abuse are grounds for immediate divorce.

7. Addiction issues: An increasingly common reason to call a divorce attorney, substance abuse can wreak havoc on a relationship and a family.

8. Growing apart: Whether they fall out of love or simply change, some couples split up because they no longer connect like they once did.

9. Parenting: Many couples argue about how to raise their kids, but when disagreements turn nasty, divorce papers could be forthcoming.

10. Married too soon: It might work in the movies, but when couples rush in, they often rush out!

The decision to pursue a divorce is one that should not be taken lightly. We always encourage our clients to try to resolve their issues first and to pursue therapy where appropriate before making the final decision to divorce.  When those efforts just cant resolve the issues, Salem, MA divorce attorneys, MacLachlan & Allen, LLP, are here to help.  We have the knowledge, experience and resources to take you through this difficult time. We will aggressively work to protect your rights, whether that includes custody and visitation issues, child and spousal support, or the fair division of marital assets. If youre looking to speak with a divorce attorney, Salem, MA-based MacLachlan & Allen LLP is here to help. We have the compassionate and professional lawyers you can trust. Call us now at 978-745-9569 for a free initial consultation!

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